Ingrown Nail Narre Warren

Ingrown Nail Narre Warren


At The Foot Folk we are committed to providing a friendly face for you to go to for help treating all your feet related problems.

At The Foot Folk we use a hands-on approach using evidence-based techniques to help with all your foot needs, helping you continue to put your best foot forward! We welcome new clients of all ages with open arms and a friendly smile. We work with people of all ages offering services including general foot and nail care, treatment of sports injuries and treatment of pain. As we work with all ages, we love working with children who experience foot pain, injuries or need an assessment of their chosen footwear as well as any other issues they may be suffering from. At our clinics we provide high-quality general podiatry care and have a keen interest in sports-based podiatry. We accept Allied Health care plans from GPs, heath funds and private patients. For ingrown nail Narre Warren we can help you.

If you have any questions about whether The Foot Folk might be for you, please feel to reach out via our online enquiry form via the “Contact Us” page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edges of the nail grow into the skin.

This is most commonly seen in the big toe, although it can occur on any nail, and can be quite painful and sometimes lead to infection. There are many things that can cause an ingrown nail including poor nail trimming, wrongly fitted shoes or trauma. Conservative treatment is used initially and usually effective, however sometimes minor surgical intervention is needed for reoccurring or severe ingrown nails.

Joe is the founder of the Foot Folk Podiatry group, realising his dream of starting a podiatry clinic of his own. Joe completed his Masters of Podiatric Practice/Bachelor of Health Science in 2017, following his career ambitions in his hometown of Melbourne. With heavy exposure to sporting injuries stemming from playing Cricket and Football, Joe loves getting hands on when dealing with local athletes. His specialities include hand-made manufacture of custom orthotics, performed through his separate platform “CorrectStep Orthotics”, where you will often find Joe when not working in the clinic. Exercise and physical therapy are something Joe loves being involved with, applying massage and dry needling if required for treatment goals. Outside of Podiatry, you will likely find Joe supporting his beloved North Melbourne football club or playing cricket with the mighty Cluden Cricket club. With over 3 years of clinical experience, including a stint in the UK’s NHS, Joe brings his passion for podiatry to you with a friendly smile.


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